Sunday, April 3, 2011

Melly Kay Give Away

Wowzers!! Melly Kay is giving away 2 face-ups!! And Nora wants some spa time! Do you have any girls that need some tlc too? Go here!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Best Valentine's Day Ever!!

I knew that they were eventually coming...but the earliest estimated shipping date was February 16th... so when I returned from throwing my daughter's kindergarten Valentine party to see these two waiting for me on my jewelry armoire I was truly surprised!
I got my Simply Chocolate out of her box first and we tried a little bit of model/photographer.All the time that I was waiting for the girls to come I was trying to think of possible names for them and thought of several names for Vanilla but only one for Chocolate and I wasn't happy with it. Then the day before they came the perfect name for her came to me. So please meet Nora!
 Nora: "Agh...Vanilla's box has been tampered with!"
Nora: "Let me help you out of there!"
"Happy Valentine's Day!"

Monday, January 31, 2011

I Got A Hint

I got a hint from my hubby that my dream of owning a Blythe doll was going to come true on Valentine's Day! I don't even quite remember how I learned about the adorable Blythe but somehow a few years ago I did. A little research on the fairly steep price tag stopped me from immediately snapping one of these beauties up but all of the photos that I see of them on Flickr in their lovely couture clothing kept the dream of one day having one of my own alive.
So I have immediately begun to prepare for her arrival. I mainly want to dote on my doll with darling clothing and photo shoots. I am a fairly good seamstress, but have never made anything smaller than a 0-3 month old dress...and the sleeve hole on that about drove me to distraction! How are teeny tiny clothes made? Especially in mass... I would really love to see a How It's Made on that! I started doing online research; to ease me into the world of miniature couture, I thought a pattern would be helpful, and was pleased as punch to find that this Simplicity pattern was available at my local JoAnn store. So I ran right over there and snached one up along with some fabric and some notions.
When I got home I did some more online research and found some fabulous websites that offer great information as well as clothing patterns, clothing sites, furniture sources, and loads of other information and decided that I wanted to create a home base for all of the stuff that I thought was the best along with a log of all my Blythe going on's... so I came up with The Blythe Banner! So welcome to my blog about my new hobby!!